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October 30, 2006




over 3 millions PCU... It is juts amazing that nobofy outside China knows them...


It can be casual or hard core it does not matter. Just think in terms of PCU. OK I give you another hint, it is in China...

I believe Yahho Games has only 200k PCU max (it might even be smaller).


I assume you are talking about platform for casual game and not hard core gamer ? because in that case world of warcraft is a hit.

in china, I think 17173.com is a big one.
Yahoo!Games also (but this is a US one). Google also provides small game for webmasters

In France we have prizee.com / cityjeux.com ;-)

another clue ?


No, no yet. I hope soon, Boonty will be the biggest but not for now.


dont tell me it's www.boonty.com ?


Not even close !

Hint, it is not in the US...


When I opened www.cityjeux.com (long time ago), one of the biggest website was www.iwin.com (good one actually)
perhaps it's sill the case ...


Sorry, I meant destination online service/web site, regardless of medium (PC, Console, Mobile). The way to messure that would be PCU (Peak Concurent Users) or maybe ACU (Average Concurent Users).

Don't include gambling, although I am pretty sure the name of the service I have in mind is bigger than any Poker/Casino web site around the world...

Stephane Martinez

multiplayer game platform with Console (like Xbox live)

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