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October 30, 2006




over 3 millions PCU... It is juts amazing that nobofy outside China knows them...


QQ Game


It can be casual or hard core it does not matter. Just think in terms of PCU. OK I give you another hint, it is in China...

I believe Yahho Games has only 200k PCU max (it might even be smaller).


I assume you are talking about platform for casual game and not hard core gamer ? because in that case world of warcraft is a hit.

in china, I think 17173.com is a big one.
Yahoo!Games also (but this is a US one). Google also provides small game for webmasters

In France we have prizee.com / cityjeux.com ;-)

another clue ?


No, no yet. I hope soon, Boonty will be the biggest but not for now.


dont tell me it's www.boonty.com ?


Not even close !

Hint, it is not in the US...


When I opened www.cityjeux.com (long time ago), one of the biggest website was www.iwin.com (good one actually)
perhaps it's sill the case ...


Sorry, I meant destination online service/web site, regardless of medium (PC, Console, Mobile). The way to messure that would be PCU (Peak Concurent Users) or maybe ACU (Average Concurent Users).

Don't include gambling, although I am pretty sure the name of the service I have in mind is bigger than any Poker/Casino web site around the world...

Stephane Martinez

multiplayer game platform with Console (like Xbox live)

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