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January 09, 2007



The cab driver who makes $5000 a month after taxes must be long-hauling everybody that gets in the cab. As of yesterday, the unemployment rate in Las Vegas was reported at 4.4%, just about average for United States. The good old days of 2% are gone, maybe because of all the illegal aliens that have moved in. Almost all of the 100,000 people moving to Las Vegas are retirees from California cashing in on their high real estate. They would rather move to Phoenix, but so many of them have moved there that the real estate values are almost as high as southern California. Real estate has gone up so much, most of the under-paid workers can not dream of buying a house, unless 12 of them live in a two bedroom house, which is how the immigrants are doing it. Don't pack up and move out here too quickly, unless you are really really good at poker.

Colette Ballou Lamotte

But you have to deal with those weird people all the time -- that's why the pay is so spectacular. Did I tell you that I saw three Stormtroopers and a Darth Vader over two days? Just hanging out in the casinos. Makes NYC seem normal.

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