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January 22, 2007


Mathieu Nouzareth

I meant programming from the networks not an actual TV guide. Why on earth those guys should decide what I want to watch ?


Sure, you'll need programming, otherwise how could you know if it is a good program, are you going to try out every program before you finally know what you'd like?

What are you going to discuss about at the water cooler next day?

I want programming, not fixed, but some guidelines you know.

Colette Ballou Lamotte

Remind me to pitch your son as a speaker at Web 4.0 next year, he is a visionary.

Mathieu Nouzareth

I wish I could use Free in France. I subscribed but after several attempts with tech support I have given hope on Free. It was impossible for me to have it working...

Laurent Letourmy

I should say I've never watched TV for years now.

Laurent Letourmy

Did you ever tried the Free VOD service in France ?
It's three months I have a Freebox HD, and I watch 4 to 6 films a month on it now. My nice DVD rental service is quite unhappy since...

Mathieu Nouzareth

There is some kind of tivo build-in most major cable or satellite operator but I think this is not enough. I have it with my Noos subscription in Paris (the UI sucks and is nowhere near Tivo though).

What I want is an access to all the movies, all the TV shows and basically all the video which has ever been broadcasted since the invention of TV and theatres. I'd be ready to pay for that of course.

I know it will happen one day. Apple TV (among other) is one good step in this direction and VOD platform (such as the one done by my friend Mihai at Glowria) will certainly be successful.


I don't understand why there is no Tivo in France ?

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