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February 03, 2007


Mathieu Nouzareth

We do have investors (check this corporate website http://www.boonty.net) and they would be more than willing to spend more cash in acquiring licenses for branded games if it can be proven that this will increase revenues and be more profitable than non branded games. However today most of the highly successful casual games (Bejeweled, Diner Dash, Luxor, Zuma and may others) are non branded games...

So yes we are open to brands but need to understand how it can improve our business. The problem is that the cost to test it is so expensive !

Charles Winterman

Hi Mr Nouzareth,
I checked the games you are currently offering on Cafe.com. While the casual genre seems (today) like an obvious choice to support your model, I am wondering how customers will go to your site if you only offer non-branded titles. I guess the profit margin is better if you develop & publish the titles yourself, but my opinion is the cost of licensing branded titles will be offset by a better conversion from Google ads and whatever else ad tools you'll use for customer acquisition. Were you motivated by your investors (not sure if you have any) to try the model without branded titles?

Jacques Froissant

Bravo Mathieu, je comprend mieux ton agenda hyper chargé de ces derniers mois ! Longue vie à Cafe.com !

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