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April 30, 2007


one ring broadband Atlanta

I'd agree with you that I don't want Google filtering my results.
I think this is exciting news. Great work!

childrens christian curriculum

I believe our goal should be to create lifelong longers.

Packet sniffers

HMm what is Joost? Hmm anyways thanks for the link.. =D

Mathieu Nouzareth


I agree with you and I think not going full web might be a good thing after all. The most successful services are not always the one going along with the trends.

I think social networks will become just features in the near future and Joost is a very good example of that. BTW, you can read what Om Malik had to say about cafe.com (our new service) a few weeks ago: http://gigaom.com/2007/02/05/are-social-networks-just-a-feature/

Dan Brickley

Joost is Web 3.14159265 ;)

Re "Joost is not about User Generated Content", ... well... I guess I consider viewer-created metacontent (ratings, labels/tags, subtitles etc.) a particularly interesting kind of content. And Joost is growing into a rather nice platform in that area. Brief example for now: each piece of content has a Web page to go with it, which provides a hook into the blogging/tagging/linking world of the Web, even if the Joost experience is full-screen desktop app based.

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