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April 04, 2007


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Agree! Let's hold hands and finish this together.

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I just found this blog and I am so thrilled to find out all about this.

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I just didn't realize I had
the code until I started seeing it in him.


Hey, I agree with this.

I have lived half my year in Canada, and then Peru, which by the way - doesn't have an iTunes store.
I just can't get why Canada and the US have a different iTunes store, to me they are basically the same market.
I just tried purchasing a CD, and sadly it is only available in iTunes USA, which sucks balls big time.


That is really unfair and wrong to do. We should have the right buy music where we want. I don't this is going to help the copyrights but instead push people to find "other" ways to the music that they want online!!

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